Thursday, May 10, 2012

Anyer with sci3nce

27-29th of March 'crowded' went to Anyer beach to spent our holyday. we stayed there about 3 days 2 nights. Of course, we had an overload joy& fun, playing around the beach, playing uno and many more. So, on the top of day we had a BBQ time at night. we got d togetherness. over all, we all really had a quality time in Anyer. it was absolutely awesome and surely sucha unforgetable moment ever.

Kartini Kartono :3

I love Spongebob so much!



being in fight with you is one of things that makes me feel crap rightnow. keep silent of each other. stop communication while deep inside I am madly missing you. today, I still cant remove this crap feeling eventho' I've had tons of fun with my old friends. you should've known that you are the only drug of all the mess in me. I can't stand this damnass problem any longer, get me the hell out of this!

photo of us.

It was my first time, spent my time till 6pm at school. worked hard to finish all the things we should've done for kartini kartono event. bullboard, recycled. and worked all day long certainly made me feel so tired. and I did many random thing with some of my classmates to refresh us. this is some random photo of us.

Ily has big meanings

I love you, means that I accept you for who you are. It means that I don't expect you to be perfect.
It means that I'll stand beside you through whatever you encounter, even if it threatens my life as well. It means if you're ever in a bad mood, I will do anything to make it better. It means that you can tell me whatever it's on your mind, your deepest and darkest secrets -secrets you've never told anyone-.
It means that you can trust me, and know that I'd never hurt you on purpose. It means that through all our fights and disagreements, we'll make it through, and we'll be stronger because of it. 

To Reach You

If I could touch you, and hold you in my arms
For one more time
To have just one more chance to love you
If it were my way
I never even would have let you go

Reach for the sky

Tue, 4/17/2012. today, second day, selamat berjuang untuk para senior yang mau-tidakmau siap-tidaksiap harus fighting, face out da national-exams. and me? as a junior, 11grade hanya mampu mengirimi doa:'' Cayooooo..... Celamat berjuang kaka kaka :*
tidak terasa bung, tahun depan ujian nasional gantian. menunggu, perang! apa daya meski masih lama, rasa takut sudah menghantui. apalagi......PTN??!! Gosh, for da 2nd time, I feel so nerveos and afraid to face an entrance qualification. masih lama sih tapi kalau gak diperhitungkan jauh-jauh hari bisa meninggal di dekat-dekat hari (apasih-_-) tapi ini serius huh. gotta prepare myself!
kalo lagi begini lirik lagu yang pas ya Reach For The Sky by Sarah Geronimo

"Reach for the sky
Dream and aim high
I won’t anybody turn my spirit down
Whatever it takes

I’ll stand on my faith
I’ll never stop until i reach the sky
I know my dreams will happen, i can fly
I’ll reach for the sky"