Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hello Saturday

#today. I started school with weirdos eyes, causes by WALK2REMEMBER movie. what a sweet touchy romance film ever. oke lebsky. I spent my night watching it until 11pm and I couldnt stand. tears overflow my face while sweet & touchy scenes came to the screen. how sloppy!
# 11February4Dv.happy birthday div selamat 16 tahun. salam34!
#RISJUN:* ure totally unlucky. laptop gue magically connected to network pas lo pulang dari rumah gue. biarpun begitu bersyukurlah, karena hujan dari sore sampai malam ini membuat kita lebih lama bersama. "satu kalimat untuk lo jun, cinta memang rumit bro, kalem aja."
#AGRU. u have to know, how serious this feeling grows and killed my past. it hella hurts when you do none of effort to get urself out from ur own fears. and u let urself drowned into the past. I just wanna walkin towards our future together but it will be so damn difficult to pass if you still thinking about our past. :( lofu

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